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Logo + Stationery

A travel company in Sri Lanka, Aasha is focused on volunteering opportunitties for students in their gap year. It’s mission is to bring Aspiration, Animal welfare, Social responsibility, Healthcare and Achievement in the table where students can tarvel to the beautiful tropical country and volunteer to earn credits.

The birth of Desi Fotu House took place with three photographers with a distictive style came together to see India through a creative lens. The logo cleverly incorporates the Hindi letters of the word “Fotu” (to highlight the rich culture) with the English letter “O” (as a camera lens shutter).

A holistic spa like healthcare center, Nirvana is a brand for integrative medicine where Eastern traditional medicine meets Western modern approach. The identity showcases the variety of health services provided under the umbrella with a holistic approach.

Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi, a dynamic fashion duo decided to launch their brand with a little wit and humor. The digital clock showcases their ready to wear, casual and formal wear for the everyday working individual.

A fundraiser which focusses on raising awareness about women’s health issues, the non profit wanted to create it’s own identity for the occasion. It was an tea afternoon gathering of women from around the world, hence was born it’s identity.

National Council of Applied Economic Research is India’s oldest and largest independent, non-profit, economic policy research institute. The organization wanted a new modern look to their identity which got spilled over to their various publications that is produced inhouse. It has be easy to multiply and reproduce by non designers.

One of India’s oldest plactic manufacturer, National Moulding Company wanted a retake on their identity to bring our their product’s moldable and versatile feature.